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6th August 2018
Get Better Sleep
13th October 2018

Essential Oils

Essential Oils have many great benefits. We have tailor made 3 signature blends for our Aromatherapy massage to aid in:

Muscle repair and stiffness,

Relaxation and better sleep,

Energising and uplifting.

Our Heal blend contains black pepper, rosemary and frankincense that help increase muscle tone, aids stamina and reduces pain and inflammation. This is a great blend for people who are into fitness, play sports, or have chronic pain. Why not combine our deep tissue massage with this blend for even better results. Those who suffer from limited mobility may also experience benefits from this blend.

Our most requested blend is the Dream blend, made with ylang ylang and lavender will help balance and calm the mind, improve sleep quality and may help with stress and anxiety.

If you’re tired of feeling sluggish, then try our Awaken blend made with sweet orange and basil; oils that are known to clear the mind, uplift and combat exhaustion.

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